VectorizerEllipseRing allows you to draw full or partial rings.

Stroke Thickness

It defines, in world units, the width to use to draw the outline of the figure. If it is equal to zero, the Stroke part of the mesh will not be drawn.

Has Fill

If set to True, the Fill part of the figure will be generated (marked by VectorizerInstructions of type Fill). Otherwise, it will be ignored even if a material is assigned.


Indicates the number of sides to use to render the ring. Use at least 32 vertices to approximate a circle.

Outer and Inner Semimajor axis

Represent the length of the semimajor axis for the outer part and inner part. The length of inner semimajor axis cannot be greater than the outer semimajor axis.


The Eccentricity controls the shape of the Ellipse. Use 0 for a circle, and a value between >0 and <1 for an Ellipse.

From and To Angles

Represent the amplitude of the starting and final angle of a partial disk, expressed in degrees. If these correspond to 0 and 360, the ring will be whole.


The direction to use when deciding the direction of the angles.

Cap Ends

Whether or not to cap the outline of a partial ring. Has no effect on whole rings.

On the left, a partial ring with Tessellation 32 from 0 to 270 degrees in clockwise order (0 starting in the positive x-axis). On the left a full ring with Tessellation 32.