Vectorizer 1.2.0 19/07/2021
New Features
  • Added a new rounded polygon figure, which allows you to specify the curvature of the rounded corners.
  • Minor fixes and refactoring.
Vectorizer 1.1.0 26/12/2020
New Features
  • Added a new Quadrilateral figure: supports isosceles and right / left trapezoids, parallelograms, and rhombi.
  • Added a new Plane figure that allows the user to specify rows and columns.
  • Added two utility methods to the VectorizerPath component allowing the user to recenter the figure at the centroid, or to set the starting point at M0,0.
  • Fixed leftover editor references in non-editor scripts.
Vectorizer 1.0 21/09/2020
  • First release on the Asset Store.