VectorizerEllipse allows you to draw circles and ellipses.

Stroke Thickness

It defines, in world units, the width to use to draw the outline of the figure. If it is equal to zero, the Stroke part of the mesh will not be drawn.

Has Fill

If set to True, the Fill part of the figure will be generated (marked by VectorizerInstructions of type Fill). Otherwise, it will be ignored even if a material is assigned.


Indicates the number of sides to use to render the polygon. Use at least 32 vertices to approximate a circle.

Semimajor and Semiminor axes

The semimajor axis is equivalent to the radius of a circle, when both its semi-major and semi-minor axes are equal. If they are different, an ellipse will be rendered. The semi-major and semi-minor axess are assumed to refer to the horizontal and vertical axis, respectively.

In the first row, a circle and ellipse with Tessellation 32. The second row shows a circle and ellipse with Tessellation 64.